A little information about my work

My seascapes are meant to be a painterly interpretation of a time or a place. Best described as waking from a dream and trying to remember it. The imagery recalled from memory isn't like a photograph, it's always a filtered version. As an example, what do you remember from the last time you walked on the beach at sunrise? You remember the sound of the waves or the color of the water, or possibly the beauty of a morning sky. Or you might remember feeling peaceful as you walked the shoreline. Whatever you remember the images that come to mind can only be an interpretation of the original. This is why I call my paintings an interpretation. I strive to capture that intangible element of a memory using the language of abstract painting to illustrate. I want just enough recognizable detail to create a narrative but I leave out enough that hopefully will draw you in and invite you to personalize the rest of the story. I started the Ocean Moods series in 2010 after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico because "my" beach was greatly impacted by the event and for a time inaccessible to locals. To cope with this new reality I started to paint the beach from memory, from my heart, from all the joy filled memories I carried inside me. I painted my beloved Sand Sea Sky as I remembered it.