welcome to my studio

I have maintained a professional art studio in the Florida panhandle area since 1995. Originally from the Midwest I moved to Florida seeking respite from snowy-cold climes and a place to build a home and studio. As my work has evolved over the years with the style moving through different genres' the essential approach of abstraction has remained a consistant quest. Be it figurative, landscape or an interpretation of a more internal domain I seek to explore the expressive nature of painting using various processes and mediums. Creating artwork primarily through an intuitive process requires a certain level of flexibility and openness to the unexpected. To be able to invent and reinvent again from one moment to the next is a necessary skill set. With my recent works I am seeking a compositional harmony within the chaotic movement of energetic brushwork, patterning and floating areas of color. I usually work within the context of a series.This allows me to maintain a level of continuity throughout a specific collection of paintings.  

photo of t.cline in front of painting

I paint from a deeper subconscious part of my being. Always from a place where words do not directly control. Moving paint around a canvas informed by stored memories. Feeling the rich viscosity of paint on your fingers. The sound of the brush as it scrapes and scratches across a canvas. Watching the pigment transform into colors to represent a feeling. Working from the gut, letting intuition guide. It's like watching interpretive dancers move across a stage as they feel the music in their muscles, as they respond to the other dancers they share the space with. It's a partnership of sorts. I think this is a good description of what I'm feeling when I paint. I'm just working with and responding to the materials I'm creating with. I paint without deliberation in short segments of time before stepping back to let my mind catch up to what I've done before going forward. I do try to not overthink about any part of the process at this point. I work in this format until something tells me it's enough and I should stop. Sometimes I listen to my little voice and sometimes not. Every painting is a lesson.